Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Drama on the Home Front

The IL Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested today on charges of corruption.  Are IL residents surprised?  They shouldn't be.  No matter how big of soft spot my family has for Richard Daley, we all still know IL politics are incredibly corrupt.  

What is it about the Governor's office that inspires corruption?  George Ryan, Rod... 

Anyway, these moments are at once both sad and hilarious.  Sad because, obviously, this just highlights the pathetic moral ground that politics stands on today.  The moral standard is an illusion - as long as you appear to be morally upright, you can get away with anything.  

But its hilarious because it shows the true nature of the specific politicians.  Even though Blagojevich wasn't necessarily the most articulate guy in a press conference, and did employ a bit of that "folksy charm", to hear him talking privately to his chief-of-staff and his wife about how he was going to sell the Senate seat, saying "fuck Obama", just shows how ridiculous it is to believe in what most politicians put out into the world.  Which brings us back to sad.  

Anyway, just a little news from home.  

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