Monday, December 8, 2008


The other day I was reading random lit blogs online, and this guy had done this nifty thing.  He had published a list of every book he read during the year for the last three years.  

Now, this act can be seen as incredibly pompous, or conversely, incredibly honest and brave, depending on who you are, and what you have read.  

My personal list for this semester is pathetic.  I say that with the utmost certainty because I am in a theatre survey class which I have completed ZERO of the readings for.  It's a dry class, for sure, with not a lot of motivation to do the reading, but this is categorically pathetic even so.  I am comforted only by the fact that when our weekly reading quiz rolls around, there are more than a few pairs of eyes perusing neighboring papers.  

Moving on, I am going to change my ways.  I finished Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence over Thanksgiving Break, which I have been reading since the road trip to school my freshman year.  So, crossing that one off felt good - but again, pathetic.  It's a dense read, over 700 pages, but it shouldn't have taken me this long to finish.  

The problem is sheer laziness. I am not the fastest reader in the world, but it sure doesn't take me a year and some months to read 700 pages.   I love reading, and want broaden my literary knowledge - but in my downtime, I find myself so worn out that I end up just flipping on some TV show and zoning out.  I want to use my mind in better ways than I am at the moment.  I want to push forward instead of reclining back into this routine of getting through my school day and then collapsing.  

Because I do have passions, but I'm not pursuing them as whole-heartedly as I want to.  And my reading list for 2008 is pathetic.  

So, I'm making a list.  Starting right now.  Books that I've finished - starting with Sons and Lovers.  I'm not going to try and recall all the nonsense literature I've read over the past year.  I'll start 2009 early.  

Finished over T-Giving Break 2008:  Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence
This is an amazing book.  I was completely dazzled by it.  Can't wait to read more D.H. Lawrence.  

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